BSides Orlando wants to make its policies transparent to everyone that would like to be involved. We believe that transparent policies regarding expectations of our board, staff, volunteers, speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Specifically, by being abundantly clear about the intentions of how we operate and how we expect those we interact with to behave we believe we will create a more inclusive, open, and inviting environment.

Below are the current policies BSides Orlando uses to guide the organization.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the core principle that must be followed by anyone that attendees. This includes the Board of Directors, Attendees, and everyone in between. Read our Code of Conduct here.

Ethics Agreement

Our Ethics Agreement takes our Code of Conduct and extends it beyond BSides Orlando events for Board Members, Staff, and others that regularly work with BSides Orlando. It’s important to us that even when we are working, playing, and operating outside the confines of BSides Orlando events those that represent the events and conference behave in a that makes the entire community a more open and inclusive environment. You can see our ethics agreement here.

Call for Papers Review

Our Call for Papers and Review Process is a blind process that encourages new voices and looks to improve merit based selection based on the overall quality of materials submitted for review. This process includes the engagement of a diverse and talented review board. We also use a unique ~80/20 split. Approximately 80% of talks are selected through our blind CFP process. The other 20% is selected by the BSides Orlando Board and Staff. This helps ensure the majority of talks are blind selection, while there is still the opportunity to present well known speakers with interesting topics that would benefit the conference after the blind review is complete. You can read more about that process here.

Reporting Incidents

We are very proud of our conference, team, and what we’ve built at BSides Orlando. However, in any organization with a large enough attendance there is the opportunity for unfortunate, unwarranted, and unwanted to arise. To that end BSides Orlando has established procedures to report incidents that may be a violation of our Code of Conduct, Ethics Agreements, or impact the safety and well being of attendees. You can read more about that process here.