November 18th & 19th

ear ye, Hear ye! It is by royal chomplamation, their Royal Chompness Lil’ Chompy, Biter of the Realm, Soverign Leader of the Swamp, and 2017 All-State Alligator Wrestling Champion  decrees, the rescheduled B-Sides Orlando shall be held on the eighteenth and nineteenth of November, in the year of our reptile 2022. 

A grand tournament shall be held in the theme of Unprecedented Times! Which is not to be confused with the trademarked Medieval Times in which entertainers joust and sword fight while sweaty tourists visiting Orlando and screaming children on school field trips eat a quarter chicken without silverware. Chompy loves a quarter chicken and corn bread, but Chompy’s lawyers assure him trademark infringement can be “problematic”. 

For B-Sides Orlando Unprecedented Times, Champions shall be chosen to defend Lil’ Chompy’s Domain and the Order of the Toothy Grin. Attendees shall choose their Champion on the day of the grand spectacle. They can then cheer their chosen champion to victory! But there is peril and treachery afoot for our champions. They must defeat the traps, challenges, and obstacles put in place by the evil Bëbgôg!  Attendees may join along as Squires in their Champions quest by solving mini-challenges to give clues and aid to their brave champion. However, all is not sunshine and bellyrubs in the swamp kingdom. The Squires may also unlock the Minions of Bëbgôg who will attack during Champion’s darkest hour bringing woe and sorrow to their quest!