CFP Review Board

Our CFP Review Board is a diverse set of IT and Information Security Professionals from around the globe. BSides Orlando made the decision to actively search for reviewers that could bring unique perspectives, experience, and talent to our Call for Papers Review. We are incredibly proud of our reviewers and our Blind CFP process. We believe our BSides Orlando Review Board helps us make our conference better every year and we can’t thank them enough for their effort.

Phillip Wylie

Phillip is a cybersecurity professional and offensive security SME with over 18 years of experience, over half of his career in offensive security. During his offensive security career, he has worked in consulting and as an internal pentesting resource for companies in the financial and consumer product industries. Phillip’s offensive security includes penetration testing, application pentesting, and red teaming. He enjoys mentoring and educating others about pentesting during workshops at conferences and other events. His offensive security educator roles include community college adjunct instructor and curriculum and content creation. Phillip co-authored the book, “The Pentester Blueprint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker” based on his conference talk on starting a career as a pentester and was featured in the “Tribe of Hackers: Red Team.” He is also a podcaster and the host of “The Hacker Factory Podcast.”

Angela Marafino

Brandon DeVault is a Security Author and Researcher focused on creating hands-on blue-team content at Pluralsight. He is also a member of the Florida Air National Guard with a variety of offensive and defensive experience. Prior to joining Pluralsight, Brandon worked with Elastic as an Education Architect creating and delivering security content. He also previously worked with Special Operations Command where he had two deployments on deployable communications teams. His experience spans incident response, threat hunting, penetration testing, satellite communications, system and network administration. Brandon is also passionate about hardware hacking, soldering, hiking, and currently holds the Security+, GCIA, GCED, and Elastic Engineer certifications.

Qasim Ijaz

Qasim Ijaz is a Director of Offensive Security at Blue Bastion Security and specializes in healthcare security and penetration testing. He has conducted hundreds of penetration tests in small to large environments with a focus on networks and web applications testing. His areas of interest include healthcare security, Active Directory, cybersecurity policy, and the “dry” business side of hacking. Qasim is a penetration test lead during the day and a teacher in the after-hours. Qasim has presented and taught at cybersecurity conferences including BSides and Blackhat on offensive security topics. He currently teaches a bootcamp on Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification.

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James Harrison

After a knee injury in 2002 ended his dream of becoming a professional athlete, James Harrison began to pursue his other passion: Picking pockets. But only for entertainment purposes, he promises. His dedication to the craft quickly paid off when he landed his first professional performance after nine months. As James’ notoriety grew, he soon learned that pickpocketing is a family trade of sorts as his father used to pick pockets when he was younger. The difference being that James returns everything he takes.  James has performed across North America with one of his more recent talks being at the hacker convention, Def Con. He has also been nominated twice for Excellence in the Arts and was named A-1 Radio’s Magician of the Year 2016.

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Evan Wagner

Over 20 years of IT experience working for a variety of industries including Education, Healthcare, Telecom, Casinos, CDN/DDoS Protection services and more. The last decade being full time in cyber security. I have given many conference talks domestically to name a few locations from Silicon Valley to Miami, to Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin, Kansas City and international talks in Montreal and Haiti. Written multiple trainings in cyber forensics that have been provided to Federal, State and Public sector over the years. Participated in a lot of CTFs, winning many and losing many which is an exercise that got me interested in attending security conferences. Always excited to learn and to help people learn and improve their skills. Master League Starcraft 2 player.

Hahna Kane

For the past 16 years of her engineering career, Hahna Kane Latonick has worked throughout the defense industry specializing in cybersecurity as a computer security researcher for the Department of Defense and other defense contracting companies. She has been featured as a cybersecurity subject matter expert on Fox Business News, ABC, U.S. News and World Report, and other national media outlets. She currently serves as the VP of R&D for a cybersecurity firm and has led three tech startups teaching computer security, serving as CTO of two of them and Director of R&D. She has trained and developed security researchers at one of the top five aerospace and defense industry companies. She has also taught at CanSecWest, Ringzer0, and the Security BSides Orlando conferences. In 2014, she became a DEFCON CTF finalist, placing in 6th and ranking in the top 1.5% of ethical hackers worldwide. She also holds a CISSP and CEH certification. Latonick attended Swarthmore College and Drexel University where she earned her B.S. and M.S. in Computer Engineering along with a Mathematics minor.

Sunny Wear

Dr. Sunny Wear is a Web Security Architect and Penetration Tester. She provides secure coding classes, creates software, and performs penetration testing against web/API and mobile applications. Sunny has more than 25 years of hands-on software programming, architecture and security experience and holds a Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity. She is a published author, “Burp Suite Cookbook”, a developer of mobile apps such as the “Burp Tool Buddy”, and is a Pluralsight content creator with courses related to Burp Suite. She regularly speaks and holds classes at security conferences such as Defcon, Hackfest, and BSides.