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BSides Orlando relies on the support of industry organizations to produce an annual conference that is affordable to all. Financial donations allow us to invite students, veterans, and underemployed individuals to attend BSides Orlando at no cost. Thank you for considering a sponsorship donation to BSides Orlando; we could not exist without your support.

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Deadline for artwork: Oct 28, 2022

2022 Sponsors


BSides Orlando facilitates a laidback environment that fosters communication and collaboration between professionals, hobbyists, and students. We aim to bring the conversation to another level and inspire a passion for security, welcoming presentations from diverse and humble areas of interest. 


While each BSides event is unique, we focus on those new to the industry while enabling intermediate and advanced professionals to expand their knowledge. An eclectic blend of students, young professionals, and infosec professionals provide the opportunity for our attendees to grow. 

A smaller and more intimate setting contributes to the unique nature of BSides Orlando, where attendees look for more than just information. They are looking to make connections and have conversations to complete their goals.

Our intimate event allows participants to develop connections with students, hobbyists, and industry professionals. The biggest value of BSides Orlando is recruitment from a large list of potential candidates. 

Contact for more information regarding custom sponsorships to meet your organization’s specific needs.