Call for Papers

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B-Sides Orlando is back in 2018 on April 7th!

The B-Sides Orlando Call for Papers will be conducted as a blind CFP. We are looking for people that want to share their research, vision for information security, show their demos, proof of concepts, and generally make the community better by sharing knowledge.

B-Sides Orlando is a great way for seasoned pros to reach students and others looking to break into information security as well as for new speakers to get discovered in a conference setting.

Our “tracks” are basically topic guidelines for speakers and attendees. Think of them of like categories rather than physical tracks! We’re subverting the normal expectations and being disruptive!


For every good building, we have a foundation for it to sit on. This track is meant to cover topics targeted towards beginners and intermediate attendees as well as provide a space for beginners and intermediate folks to submit talks. In the past, for this track, we’ve had topics ranging from how to break into this industry and land your dream job to building your brand. Don’t be afraid of technical topics, but keep in mind your audience!


With a good foundation, we go into actually building our building in my made up metaphor. And like my shaky metaphor, these buildings often have issues such as budget, timing and organization. Blue Teamers, this track is for you! If I triggered you on that, I’m sorry, we can share some whiskey and reminisce/complain about it later. This track is dedicated to keeping the building running and alive. This is normally the “un-sexy” side of infosec, but we feel this aspect deserves as much attention as the red side, so show off your tools, techniques and ideas for keeping that “building” from crumbling.

Wrecking Ball

Of course, some buildings don’t make it, or we want to tear down the old and put up a new building. This track is for your red teamers and offensive people: our wrecking balls. If you have an offensive personality, this may not be the track for you, unless you also happen to work on the red team side. Show off your sexy new tools, techniques and ideas for breaking down “buildings” and maybe buy those blue team guys a drink, huh? If you have 0day, this is the place to talk about it, if you’d be agreeable to that.

Ground Truth

This “track” was taken from B-Sides Vegas and we were planning on making a big thing out of it, but plans fall through. Basically this is our track for all the uber nerd stuff related to security, such as cryptography, math stuff, machine learning, big data, cloud, AI, etc. Basically this is for topics that don’t quite fit into the above tracks. If you’re thinking about submitting a talk about blockchains, it goes here.

If you would prefer to not be recorded, please mark that on your CFP submission. We understand the issues surrounding it, so please let us know as soon as possible if that’s missed or if your situation changes!

We hope you submit your talk to B-Sides Orlando and we hope to see you there!