Larry Pesce

Mistaken Identity: Lack of 2FA Gets You Owned

The story begins with an old, never used gmail address that one day started getting emails. These emails were innocuous at first, almost like a case of mistaken identity. They quickly turned into account creation and confirmation at various services, some of which started to reveal information. Where does this story go? The rabbit hole goes deep, takes many winding paths, and reveals more then enough information to destroy lives. The end result is terrifying. Come explore the rabbit hole of mistaken identity and learn how it all could have been prevented.


Larry Pesce is the Director of Research at InGuardians and Co-founder of the award-winning security podcast, “”Paul’s Security Weekly””. Research for the show has led to interviews with the New York Times, hacking sex toys on stage at DEFCON, and having his RFID implant cloned on stage at Shmoocon.

Larry enjoys long walks on the beach and thinking of ways to survive the pending zombie apocalypse.