Derek Banks

Personal Digital Security 101

Data breaches and digital theft are now so frequent in the daily news cycle we almost become numb to it. As Information Security professionals we often get asked by friends and family if large companies and government agencies to not be able to stop attackers, what chance does an individual or a small business have? Their concern for digital safety for the average person is well placed as all of our lives are now integrated into a digital society. This talk will go beyond “run Antivirus and don’t click on stuff” and map best practices from the corporate enterprise security model to an average home user or small business environment to demonstrate that they actually do have a chance to avoid a digital catastrophe.


Derek Banks is a Security Analyst for Black Hills Information Security and has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry as a systems administrator for multiple operating system platforms, monitoring and defending enterprise systems from potential intruders and performing vulnerability analysis and penetration testing.