Call For Papers

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Great Court of BsidesOrlando has officially started accepting papers for the most righteous gathering of security professionals in the great City of Orlando! The great event is being held on April 8th somewhere on UCF campus.


If thou ist seeking the Call For Workshops, you are in the incorrect place! Please visit Call For Workshops for proper submission guidelines and links.

The Instructions of the Talks

Per tradition, the complicated talk “tracks” are back. These erstwhile “tracks” are essentially overarching topics to let attendees know where they should spend their time! We will humbly accept papers of any topics, but we quite enjoy love hearing new work! Quite indeed.

Thou shall only be allowed 45 minutes of presentation, but if a talk goes over, we will be cross. Since we are civilized, we will not pretend to be cross. If thou prefers not to be recorded with our state of the art Recording Machine, please let us know. We appreciate the practitioners of the dark arts and their privacy.